Prevention and management of communicable and non-communicable diseases and insight into the Cuban mental health system

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Coordinating Professor in Cuba: Dr Beatriz Corona Miranda. MD

Coordinating Professor in The Netherlands: Dr Niubel Díaz Padilla, MD

  • Objectives:To strengthen knowledge of and interdisciplinary
  • practice in Primary Healthcare, prevention of communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and give insight into (research of) Cuban mental health

Monday January 30

Location : Instituto Nacional de Higiene, Epidemiología y

Microbiología (INHEM)

09:00 am Opening of the course. Identification of expectations.

Introduction of the course program and INHEM.

10: 00 am Lecture Cuban National Health System

10: 45 am Break

11: 00 am Lecture Primary Healthcare and Family Medicine in

Cuba. National programs of health (e.g. Mother and child


12:00 am Tour to Policlínico de ‘Nguyen Van Troy’ and to the

family nurse and doctor´s office in the neighbourhood.

01:30 pm Finish

Tuesday January 31

Location: Policlínico de Playa

09:00 am Lecture National program for the Elderly. Healthy

Aging and Community Services for the Elderly.

10:20 am Tour to an Elderly Home

11:20 am Tour to a Maternity Home

01:30 pm Finish

Wednesday February 1

Location: Hospital Universitario Calixto García

09:00 am Lecture Mental Health reoriented to the

community. Suicidal behavior, depression, anxiety and

other mental health disorders

10:00 am Lecture Research into mental health in Cuba

10:45 am Break

11:00 am Tour of Hospital Universitario Calixto García

13:30 pm Finish

Thursday February 2

Location: Instituto de Medicina Tropical ‘Pedro Kourí’

09:00 am Lecture Introduction to the Institute

10:00 am Lecture Management of transmissible diseases

e.g.Arboviruses (Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya),HIV, cholera, leprosy, hepatitis B/C.

10:45 am Break

11:00 am Tour Instituto de Medicina Tropical Pedro Kourí

13:30pm Finish

Friday February 3

Location: Centro de Attención al Diabético

09:00 am Lecture Management of noncommunicable

diseases (diabetes, hypertension, other CVD)

10:00 am Lecture Management of cancer in Cuba

Tour of Centro de Attención al Diabético. Meeting with the

staff and patients.

02:30 pm Integrated Seminar. Issuing of course

certificates. All professors attending

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