Studiereizen/nascholing (Eng)

vlag sp

Study trips / Training

CubaMedic provides international courses accredited in Cuba in the field of medical care for various groups such as medical students, general practitioners, specialists, psychologists and nurses. The courses are offered individually or in groups, include a theoretical part with lectures and another part  in family doctor’s offices, polyclinics, hospitals and mental health centers among others. You can also indicate specific areas of interest, so that your wishes can be fulfilled whenever possible.

What do you have to arrange yourself?

  • Air tickets: it is advisable to organize your tickets on time. The earlier you book, the cheaper the flight will be.
  • Health and vaccination tips: Tips / vaccinations you need for Cuba can be found on the National Coordination Center for Traveler Advice (LCR) from The Netherlands. Travel documents and visas: for Cuba always bring a valid passport. This also applies for accompanying children.
  • Visa : You need a visa to travel to Cuba.
  • Student visa is required if you wish to visit Cuban health institutions as part of a course /internship/study trip. CubaMedic applies for this visa if you are registered with us.
  • Tourist visa is required if you want to tour Cuba as tourists and not as student. You can apply for tourist visa through the Cuban consulate. You can do it by post or by visiting the consulate in Den Haag . More information

The visa is valid for a single entry into the national territory during a 30-day trip and can be extended for another 30 days at the hotel office where you are staying or at the immigration authorities in Cuba.

What can we arrange for you?

  • Spanish Classes: You can receive Spanish classes in the Netherlands before the trip. Information about this can be found on this site. If you book the course with CubaMedic, you will receive a 10% discount for Spanish classes.
  • Accommodations: In Havana there are several options to spend the night, such as private homes, hostels and hotels. Private homes are private family homes and are similar to B&B. Most travelers in Cuba stay in private homes.
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